We made this Hallmark Holiday Spoof just for you

As we set out to produce our 9th annual Christmas video this year, we couldn’t help but be inspired by Hannah’s wedding this past September. The Christmas Season and a good cheesy Hallmark Holiday Movie have become practically ubiquitous and here in front of us, we had our perfect leading couple, ready to star in our latest shenanigan!

The Story

Hannah plays a big-town marketer who has to return to her hometown to help with the Christmas festival. Ryan, the Mayor, has brought her in to plan the party to save the town and Scott, her big city boss, is more than happy to let her go. John (Shoemaker) plays her oblivious big-town boyfriend, while John (Ebright) (Hannah’s real life husband) plays the small-town rustic heart-throb.

Alexis and Luke play local friends and business-owners who are directly impacted by Hannah’s choices. Meanwhile, a spurned local party planner, Max, tries to make the best of a bad situation… with sabotage!


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