In a Good Way

Rob PeroPrincipal and Creative Director

Picture this: You're driving with your friend and you have a tee time to catch. You're jamming out to music on the radio when an ad comes on. You roll your eyes, because many ads are bad, but something about this one catches your attention. It's two guys goofing off, as a radio ad, and pitching their creative studio Backflip. You think to yourself: 'i am looking for a partner, i'm going to call them and see if they're available to meet.' You set up a meeting for that day, and after you golf, you show up and start a conversation which turns into an awesome collaboration and friendship.

Kelly Jackson in the “Don’t Speak” music video

This is how we first met Rob. He came in with his longtime friend ‘Mouse’ to vet a new creative company. We kicked it off right away because we were both tired of bad media and marketing, and we knew we could do better.

Fast forward many years and dozens of projects and we think we’ve accomplished some of what we set out to do. We’ve created some amazing, and absolutely award-winning, content for our clients and partners. These are some of those projects.

The Early Years

Our first project together would be a doozy: a multi-year human trafficking prevention and awareness campaign. This was on a scope and scale beyond anything either of us had ever done. ‘Your Call MN’ would end up being immensely impactful.

With the help of the PR geniuses at Turn It Up Media, we were able to:

  1. Gain 1,420 Page Follows
  2. 240,000 Organic and Boosted Impressions
  3. Over 4.1 million paid Ad Impressions
  4. 60,000 video views by over 15,000 unique viewers earning over 133,000 impressions.
  5. the website has accumulated 44,220 page views from over 30,000 engaged users

For the campaign, we produced many diverse deliverables, including:

  1. A 20-minute short film – the primary piece of branding
  2. Many vignettes ie. individual stories from survivors and organizations supporting these efforts
  3. A website (yourcallmn.org)
Our campaign was actually set to kick off the March that COVID hit. With some quick creativity and a pivot, we were able to continue with the launch. We had to move our cmmunity discussions online. Luckily we had already developed a robust live production and conference package that we offered.

This project was especially challenging due to the subject matter. How do we take a difficult subject like Human Trafficking, and share tough stories in a compelling way? There were many shoot days that we were left devastated by the interviews we conducted. The most amazing part of this process, however, was always the hope that the survivors had

The Middle Years

Since that first campaign, we’ve produced a lot more content. We continue to work closely with Rob on the best way to showcase the businesses and organizations that have historically been sidelined.

Where We Are Now

As our storytelling has developed, and our relationships have grown, new opportunities are opening up. Many groups are yearning to tell important stories and Perodigm, with Backflip, is positioned to be the Indigenous lead team of choice.

We’ve connected with multiple parties producing TV and movies. We just need to figure out how to connect the right people to the right project. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials for the upcoming news.