We had the pleasure of working with one of the finest Catholic school's in the Madison area in a rebrand from logo to website. Check out the full description of the inspiration and concept below. This hard work was recognized with a Gold Award from the American Advertising Federation in Madison.

The St. Ambrose Academy logo is a nod to the past and embodies the heart of their identity as a school community united by time-tested methods of classical education and their Catholic Faith. It is rooted in the teaching authority of their Patron Saint, Saint Ambrose (aka: the honey-tongued doctor), and incorporates a range of imagery associated with the school and the Saint including the Bishop’s Miter, a central cross suggestive of the Jerusalem Cross and wounds of Christ, a flour-de-lis honoring the Trinity and purity of the Blessed Mother, bee wings referencing the “honey-tongued doctor” nickname of Saint Ambrose, and finally, a book and scrolls pointing to the classical methods of education at the Academy. We chose a font that was based on classic chiseled lettering and has been created with a geometric and humanistic nature.