063 – Entrepreneurship with Brent & Peggy Hoffman

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Brent & Peggy Hoffman about entrepreneurship.


  • (8:16) Who and where is Peggy Hoffman?
  • (11:55) Has Peggy always led an active lifestyle?
  • (29:11) What do Brent and Peggy do?
  • (49:45) Seal team 6.
  • (55:26) Working with different sleep schedules.
  • (1:06:28) Tattoos.
  • (1:18:24) Double standards?
  • (1:24:47) Two truths and a lie.


Ryan Freng 3:34
Hello and welcome back to another backflip. Happy Hour. I’m Ryan Freng, the hostess with the mostess. And you know why I’m the hostess with the mostest. Because the other co host, John Shoemaker is not here today. That’s right, he is headed out to Yankton. That today to hang out with family and fun thing you might not know about us is that we both have family who lives there. And like my dad grew up right around there as well, which is crazy that we both have that extended family over there in South Dakota in that area. So I am the only host today but this is going to be so much fun. We’ve got some great guests today that we’re going to hang out with. But this is a happy hour. So we got to mention what we’re drinking and I always like to start it off. So here we go. This is a cognac. I actually don’t remember anything about it. I should look at the picture. I was hanging out with Father Scott from our last happy hour. And he had a cognac that he shared some of it with us and we broke the cork so he puts them in a bottle. So this is like a 50 or more year old cognac. And I’m super excited to drink it.

And of course I’ve got all the other things. I’ve got some tea, I’ve got some sparkling, I’ve got some water, you know, we got it. We got it all going on. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re here to hang out and drink with our friends. So let’s bring them in here. We’ve got

Peggy and Brant Hey, guys. Well, hello, how are you? Hello. Good. And that was perfectly natural, just like we talked about.

Brent Hoffmann 5:12
I have a question before we get started. Yes, we’ve already started. Yeah. Where’s Yang din? Where? I’ve never heard of Yang

Ryan Freng 5:21
Yankton South Dakota. Yeah. So do you know where like Sioux Falls is? Yep. I can’t. Let’s see it like, north. Here. Let me pull up a map. I always went there as a kid, like I don’t ever remember. Sorry. Yeah, so Sioux Falls is North Sioux City, Iowa, is like South East. Let’s see if I can pull up this map. Here we go. We have technology so we can do this. This is a great, natural way that things are happening. Here we go. Boom. All right. So we’re over here. You see this?

Brent Hoffmann 6:05
Nope. I don’t see anything. I see you.

Ryan Freng 6:08
Oh, hang on. I gotta turn it on. Here we go. All right. Hi, guys. We’re live that this is a great part of being live. So we’re over here in Madison. And it’s, you know, almost directly west. So my mom grew up in Sioux City. My dad grew up in like, Yankton I think it’s mission hill that he grew up in. I don’t know somewhere around here. Oh, there’s apparently a Wakanda That’s great. Yeah.

Brent Hoffmann 6:42
That’s where Filming took place.

Ryan Freng 6:45
Yeah, that’s they have such great technology and Wakanda South Dakota.

Brent Hoffmann 6:51
This Yeah, nobody knows why there’s two of them. Like do you really need a north and a south dakota It can’t just be called Dakota.

Ryan Freng 6:57
There was not enough. I mean, there was the east and west Dakota, but then, you know, they got taken over by the indigenous peoples of I don’t know, Minnesota and Iowa. So you know, they had to change it. But let’s let’s get started off right. What do you guys drinking? Go ahead.

Peggy Hoffman 7:16
I’m drinking. Well, what we refer to Brett tonight is fish beer. But this time it’s light fish beer bread, so we should be good. It smells too hard to nail but this one’s a light hurting ale.

Ryan Freng 7:31
I haven’t had that one. That’s, that’s awesome.

Brent Hoffmann 7:35
Don’t tell anybody else but I like it when she drinks that beer.

Peggy Hoffman 7:41
This is actually so Brent and I plan a bocce ball League and we have for what, eight years? Yes. And they have really big fish beers at Bochy. And I like ones not enough, but two is probably too many. Sometimes. They come in the big cans, so I’ve got a drink too.

Ryan Freng 8:02
Nice. Yeah, you don’t want it to go to waste and I like that too. I didn’t know that about you brands that you played in a bocce ball League? Because I do you know from my Facebook scouring it seems Peggy like you’re into fitness like you you bike. You swim. You do things you know regularly like that. I want to see where you’re going with this Ryan it sounds like you’re also athletic in that you’re you’re a bocce ball, you know, affects you natto

Brent Hoffmann 8:33
Bachi ballers are often considered at the top of the athletic food chain. So it is a misconception that a lot of people carry no my athletic yours have sorry,

Ryan Freng 8:46
are you saying that you’re at the top of the food chain? Is that what you’re telling me?

Brent Hoffmann 8:49
Correct? Correct. Okay, all right. It goes like Bachi ballers and then like NFL and then like you know, Major League Soccer and NBA kind of right there and baseball is down here somewhere. Archie ballers that’s like, you know

Peggy Hoffman 9:11
Brent is really good basketball player. I will give them that. Don’t tell him I said this, but is better than I am. Well, he also

Ryan Freng 9:19
he was also like, you guys want to play some darts? Maybe? And then just destroys us. You know,

Brent Hoffmann 9:27
which was all the way I’m not a really good dark. Yeah,

Ryan Freng 9:31
yeah, you’re a hustler is what you are. So as you can see, too, we’ve got a couple different locations. Maybe Introduce yourself. People know Brent, but you can talk about yourself in a minute, but people we haven’t met Peggy yet. Peggy Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you are.

Peggy Hoffman 9:53
Current Location unknown.

Ryan Freng 9:56
That sounds like a good podcast.

Peggy Hoffman 9:58
Yeah. My kids and I are camping this weekend. So we are somewhere I think we’re at north of students point, but not quite twice up. And I dumped the kids at the campsite realize there was not any reception there. Just Google nearest gas station, and like, seven miles away from the gas station, luckily, across the street was a beautiful park like, not here by the by the water. And in true camping fashion, as Brent would admit, for the maybe two times you’ve ever camped with us. We picked the coldest or the hottest weekends to camp. So it’s freezing right now.

Ryan Freng 10:43
Yeah, and I do appreciate you jumping on even with the camping. How did Brandon How did you get out of camping camp.

Brent Hoffmann 10:51
I am not a big campus. I respect those that choose camping as a an option for spending time on the weekends and whatnot. I have my own I call it a funny take on it. But you know, I don’t really need to go pay to be homeless. You know what I mean? Like kind of work really hard to have a home. Yeah, day in. Now I just not the biggest thing is just I’ve had some back surgeries. And a lot of times it’s it’s got an air mattress or whatever, just leads to being really grumpy for a few days after so I limit my campaign to like one or twice, two times a year.

Ryan Freng 11:35
Yeah, that doesn’t sound like it’s worth it. That’s but one or two times a year. That’s pretty impressive. Like this last year was the first time I was able to get my wife to go camping. Because I mean to be fair, we also have had she like she’s had an infant for like the last 13 years that we’ve been married. And that is not exciting to her just like a bad back. She’s like, there’s no way I want to take care of an infant while camping. So to now, now our kids are a little bit older. We still have a you know the baby’s a two year old but she wanted to go camping last year because her parents are getting older and they’re doing camping regularly. So we got to go camping last year and this year, we’re going camping twice, which is amazing because like I grew up camping, and I friggin love it.

Brent Hoffmann 12:20
You can always substitute in for me on my family’s camping trips.

Ryan Freng 12:26
That’d be great. Yeah.

Peggy Hoffman 12:28
Don’t even ask if daddy’s going anymore. They know Dad’s gonna say homework.

Brent Hoffmann 12:33
Yeah, by the way, it’s a general introduction. That’s my wife. We’re, we’re we’re married that word. Yeah. It’s in the right direction. There we go. We’re married. So that’s why when you hear me like say, Hey, honey, I’m not like calling some random female. Hey, honey. I thought, Brian, hey, there’s a

Ryan Freng 12:52
lower third. Like he does call me honey.

Brent Hoffmann 12:55
I do, but

Ryan Freng 12:57
just don’t call me late for dinner.

Brent Hoffmann 12:59
Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, as we were talking about before my athletic years where, where before I played college basketball, did that I was in shape. And I was like, You know what? eating donuts is a little more fun. So, so enjoyable. I’ve taken that course of working out now for the past couple of decades. So I’m thinking about transitioning back into a shape other than circle. Yeah.

Ryan Freng 13:31
So yeah, so So Peggy, what you know, again, that was kind of my limited knowledge of you, aside from what’s been shared. Just looking on Facebook. It seems like you’re very active. Have you always been active? Is that important to you?

Peggy Hoffman 13:47
Um, I actually don’t know, I grew up playing soccer. I played varsity high school I was on. Surprisingly, I was on the dance team, because that’s not really a me thing in high school, but then I played soccer after just rack and then I don’t know probably, what they’ve seven years ago. Eight years ago. I started running, probably more than that sort of running, did a couple of marathons enjoyed it. One of my best friends had done an Ironman. So she kind of got me into triathlon, so I kind of went from there. So I did an Ironman and did a full Ironman in 2018. And again, for half Ironman this September.

Ryan Freng 14:37
Wow, that that’s awesome. Maybe, maybe someday. I would love to do that. I just just like, I just like running. And I think biking and swimming would be okay. But the running is like, my everything hurts when I run because I probably run terribly.

Peggy Hoffman 14:54
Here’s the thing, though, like you do a marathon. There’s four hours no He’s asking you for anything. Oh, yeah, you got like 14 hours. There’s no kids asking you for anything. Although I have had, I think the family kind of got burnt out of marathons. So my last marathon I was running and receiving messages on my watch. Our daughter was saying, When will you be home? Can you stop and bring home raisins? Like mild 20

Ryan Freng 15:27
Oh my gosh, you’re like, Do you not understand the immensity of this awesome task?

Brent Hoffmann 15:33
They’re asking anything of you during the time, except your body is like saying please stop. I’m asking you asking way too much of me right now. That’s the big thing. So the timing was actually great too, because I at that time, had a client which she’s got the hat on perfectly fitting fireman Rob, almost and together as went for the Guinness World Record for the most half Iron Man’s done in one year. And we were traveling all over the place and and he did it in the run portion of it, which he walked but he did it in full fire turnout gear. I think the record that he set was 23 that year. I think it’s since been broken, but nobody’s done it in full fire gear and gone for the ready. So anyway, those are

Ryan Freng 16:24
23 Half Ironman in a year in full fireman regalia. Correct. Dude, that sounds nuts. So the swim party?

Brent Hoffmann 16:36
Yeah, like part, obviously normal, but then the walk bar, the run part was all fire turnout gear. So I got burned out from traffic, just in general from supporting Peggy and going and what people don’t understand is it’s even just to be a fan of somebody, an Iron Man. You get tired. I mean, it’s it’s a lot of work chasing them around. So

Peggy Hoffman 17:02
yeah, I will say, I think the most steps I’ve ever gotten that I watch was spectating Ironman. It is harder to watch and be a true fan and spectate Ironman all day, then to go do

Ryan Freng 17:15
well, and not even to talk about the training, I have a friend who trained and so I was well aware of kind of, of what he did. But, you know, just disappearing for a few hours a day is tough when you’re entrepreneurs, and when you have kids, and it’s obviously very worthwhile. But I know a lot of people, they’ll do it once, they’ll do it twice. And they’re like, Okay, I’m going to do something a little bit more sustainable or different or differently scoped.

Peggy Hoffman 17:46
We don’t do that in our family.

Ryan Freng 17:50
You don’t do different things, or what do you mean?

Peggy Hoffman 17:54
We don’t do things more? Or tangible? Oh, yeah,

Brent Hoffmann 17:58
we’re not a fan of Hoffman households, not a fan of moderation. It’s all in or nothing.

Ryan Freng 18:07
Yeah. So Peggy is kind of the triathlon and stuff is like, is that your hobby? Do you have other hobbies.

Peggy Hoffman 18:14
Um, that’s kind of my hobby. That’s my that’s my me time, my time with my friends, you know, training, getting away from the kids. To be honest, it’s really important for me to or maybe I use this as an excuse to do it. But I want our kids to see it is important to exercise and take care of your body, but also to find something you love, even though you are, you know, you’re working, you’re a parent, you’re a wife. I want them to learn that it’s still important to find something you enjoy, and to. It’s okay to take that time and do it especially as they grow older.

Ryan Freng 18:55
Yeah, I love that so much. Yeah, because I you know, I we have six kids, but even one kid, you know, I know parents have one kid. And they’re just like, oh, how do you have time for anything? I don’t go out. I don’t you know, a friend of mine. I miss him because he has two kids now, but ever since the first one is like, well, we got to do dinner and then we got to do bedtime. So I can’t come hang out and we’re like hey man, you can you definitely can you got to make those choices. And so I love that because we try to encourage that as well. Like we tried to do interesting things. That also takes a lot of intentionality as I’m sure you guys are very well aware. Just takes a lot of intentionality with the kids then when you have time with them, so you got to take more special time with them together with them individually. And then yeah, like what did we do Monica and I went to a wedding on Saturday which was great, you know away from everybody but I do a lot of fitness stuff. So I’m you know, working out for an hour or more every day And Monica has her own business. So she’s away doing some of that during the day and at night, and I travel kind of like with like Brent as an agency, just crazy, weird hours. So I love that you’re saying that I’m totally behind that and support that.

Brent Hoffmann 20:20
It takes an interesting co parenting style, right? Like knowing she has her training and stuff going on. It actually is her time away, and it’s my time with you. It works out really well. The kids especially now they’re 10 and 12. So they they really think we could probably be gone for a week and they would wouldn’t even look up from their phones now. So it wouldn’t matter.

Peggy Hoffman 20:46
Until there was like the internet went out, then they would be this we are you know, we’re very blessed that we have an amazing support system around us as well. You know, never could have French Sorry, I’m gonna brag on my husband for a second. Oh, nevermind. Definitely, he’s my motivator he he makes he definitely encourages me and motivates me to do things I never thought I could do. So, you know, that support system from him. Believe in me and then especially with the kiddos, we have great support system. Fred’s parents, my parents always helping out with the kiddos. And you know, just like right now, I just dumped our kids at the campsite. I’m like, here, mom. I’ll be back later.

Brent Hoffmann 21:38
Later, later,

Peggy Hoffman 21:41
I didn’t bring enough beer.

Ryan Freng 21:43
Yeah, you gotta go resupply. Yeah, well, I think I think that’s really important in a good marriage. And in good business is support and communication. Because I think when I really started getting serious about fitness, Monica started, you know, looking things up, and being like, Hey, did you do this? Did you do this? Like, have you taken time and, and that type of support is so freeing, because then you don’t feel like a bad spouse or a bad parent or a bad business person, because you’re doing these things that are really good, mentally, spiritually, physically for you. Because somebody else is supporting, and it’s absolutely hard to be like, Hey, I gotta go do this thing for a couple hours. Or, like, what was it this week, I had a shoot Tuesday, Tuesday, Wednesday, evenings. And that meant that Monica had to take care of ballet and soccer by herself. And then I’m gone next Tuesday and Wednesday, actually with Brent or not Brent with with Robert paradigm, which is the worst days of the week to be gone. But it’s just something that we realize is like, the industries that we’re in, to have this time demand on us. And so we will make it work, we win, we’ll be in this together, because it’s something that we want. So having that shared, shared goals and support system, I think is like the only way that we can be successful in partnerships.

Brent Hoffmann 23:15
Agree, Agree. Yes. Ending was the key part, right? It’s the only way you can be successful and still have a marriage, you know what I mean? Like, if you don’t, it would be really easy to not support her and convince her not to do it. But that’s not you know, everybody has, you also have your own mental health to deal with, right. So the workout part as much as it’s about you physically, you know, it’s also about you getting your mind, right. And that part I know, is something that Peggy benefits from greatly. And I need to find my own. I’ve been lacking in the activity department for a couple of minutes. And I need to I need to find my own niche. Nisha, what

Ryan Freng 23:59
what is your hobby these days, like what you know, work to get away to work works, and more

Peggy Hoffman 24:06
find it until we go camping.

Brent Hoffmann 24:10
This is my vacation. They left and I’m like, Oh, I can finally do whatever project around the house I want or just No, it’s, I do need to find something. It’s weird though. Because I’ve never been in a better headspace than I am now. I still you know, now I need to pick the body body part back up again and get going.

Ryan Freng 24:32
Yeah, and you know, you’ve only got so much mental capacity. So you know, we focus on different things in different parts of our life. And for me, I’m trying to not go too crazy in any one direction. And make sure that I am taking small steps and other things as well. And it’s been so great to like at home, because we’re trying to like because we’re foolish. We’re trying to get our house ready and sell it and move We’ve been trying or we’ve been wanting to move for a little while. And then now we just got some momentum to actually do the work. Now the markets the worst to buy, so we’ll see how that goes. The best sell that the worst, the best to sell. Yeah. But you know, house projects I I’m very capable my dad did remodeling on the side. So I worked with him a bunch growing up. And Monica, her dad has done that too. So she and she’s just figure things out. So she’s very capable person. But in terms of just doing stuff, like at home, I hate having that burden on me of like figuring out how are we going to redo the kitchen, because it has to be either a profession or like a hobby or something to go to that level. So we finally got to a point where I told Monica, I was like, I can’t think about this stuff, I need you to think about it and just tell me what to do. And I’ll lift things and paint things and do whatever you want, I just can’t I don’t have the mental capacity to think about that. And that was like a light switch for us. Because she also likes to think about that stuff and figure it out. But you know, she’s smaller, so she doesn’t have the physical strength that I do. So some of the kind of new tasks I can help her out with. But then she also discovered that she’s just like an extremely capable handyman or handy woman, like she’s actually rebuilding our cabinet doors, because she couldn’t find any. And she’s like, You know what, I think I could do this. And so you know, I help buy and hold the materials, and she’ll be cutting stuff, but I’m gonna help her measure, and, you know, make sure everything’s all good. And I’ll come home, and she’ll have done it. And, you know, I think it’s, again, back to that partnership. I think it’s important to realize your strengths and your weaknesses, and to understand your time,

Brent Hoffmann 26:59
the time that you have, and utilize it in the best way possible. And you can do fun things right? You can be remodeling your kitchen, and you can be spending, you’re working but you’re spending time together, right? People always think it has to be one way or the Oh, you’re working. Even if I’m by you we’re not to get no you can spend quality time together even if you’re doing

Ryan Freng 27:22
work. Honestly, that’s that’s a big deal for me, because I would feel like I would be separate. Like you have to do this task, go away and fix this thing. And, you know, then I’d be separate. So it’s been different for me to with Monica just being like No, no, we’re gonna do this all day. And being in it together. I don’t feel like I’m alone. And you know it’s amazing.

Peggy Hoffman 27:49
I would say some of our best dates Brenton cleaning and detailing vehicles. Oh that’s heavy take taken care of car. Particular. Not so much by car. But

Ryan Freng 28:10
that sounds like a like a like a anniversary birthday present in the making.

Brent Hoffmann 28:15
Yes, yes, it needs it. And I do choose right. I do enjoy just having a clean cut. You know, everybody always like after you wash your car. It’s like it just drives better. You know? It doesn’t, but it feels like it. I just like having a clean car. I don’t know why. My very first car I had it was a a turd brown 1979 Monte Carlo. And it, it was all steel. That’s when cars were all steel. And it is a little V six. And it says for it. And by the time I got to high school, it was going the speed limit. You know, it was it was but I got in an accident once and like, dented the whole back end of an actual pickup truck. And my car had like a little scratch

Ryan Freng 29:05
and nothing happened. That’s awesome. Yeah, well, I mean, that’s that right there. I think you know, kind of gets to that mental headspace of taking care of something because I know for fitness for me, getting into a space where like now tracking meals and the workouts very specifically, I was thinking today I was like, it’s very much like somebody who works on their car or takes care of their car, you know, you’re like, Okay, well, if I do this, this will be a little bit better. You know, let me just clean this up and make this a little bit better. Or today. We’re going to work on this and we’re going to maximize this capability. And so I think that’s a fun headspace to be in and I feel like everybody has that in some area of their life and it sounds like that that was cars, maybe that’s still cars for you. And maybe even work.

Brent Hoffmann 30:01
Like I love what I do. So everybody’s always like, Oh, God go to work today. And I’m always like, I’m going to work today. So it is a different mean, there’s always down days, there’s always bad yeah, days or weeks, but I love what I do. And I love the clients we have and where we’re going as an agency. And then, yeah, the kind of hobby of Kenya, you’re right, it is something else that I’m taking care of. And the end, I just need to focus some of that effort back on my body at some point, because cars

Peggy Hoffman 30:35
are replaceable. Now,

Ryan Freng 30:40
yeah, so so far bodies are not, but maybe they will be.

Brent Hoffmann 30:45
You can just name and put it into different body.

Ryan Freng 30:48
So I mean, that’s it. That’s a good segue, not the brain body part. But kind of talking about what you guys do. What you know, describe a little bit more about what you guys do. You know, we’ve talked to you Brent before, and there’s a little bit in the title about entrepreneurship. And had I known your way, Peggy, I would have loved to have tried to order some cookies and see what would happen to see if it would actually happen or not. I know. Yeah.

Brent Hoffmann 31:27
Go ahead. And so yeah, we have just to kind of get it started off we like as a family. Well, since I met Peggy, I’ve kind of been doing my own thing. I had a local corporate stent and a few things that I did, but I’ve worked for a lot of different startups and and then I realized after trying in the corporate world that doing my own thing was was what I wanted. So I’ve had an invention help kind of marketing company, a record label, and we have a cookie business media agency. So we’ve done a bunch of and Peggy also had an in home childcare, business, and working for other nonprofits. So we’ve had a bunch of different things that we’ve we either have done or currently doing. But why don’t you go ahead, honey, and tell them a little bit about the kind of backstory of you and and what you do? What you do.

Ryan Freng 32:20
Yeah, that’s how people talk.

Peggy Hoffman 32:23
So I love to hear about me, put me on the spot. I have a degree in child development. And I own a cookie business, which is why

Brent Hoffmann 32:32
we get along really well because I keep having her perfect.

Peggy Hoffman 32:41
Yeah, so I worked in childcare. And I actually when I met second time, I met Brent, I was working in childcare, loved it just kind of got to the point where I realized there’s not much place to go and you never, you know, very important work what we do you no childcare but needed to move on. We got to the point where we had our second kiddo and it was just ridiculously expensive for us to even pay for childcare, even though I worked there. So we started with, with friends, you know, help. Because it’s a step that was scary for me. would not have done it without branch. You do get the credit for this branch.

Brent Hoffmann 33:25
I don’t know. Like a glory fest for me, but I like it. Can we do one of these live things every Friday so I can get my little pick you up?

Peggy Hoffman 33:33
Yeah. Cuz I’m gone till Monday. That’s why honey. Anyhow, ended up opening our own in home childcare did that for probably eight years. Kind of got to the point where the kids were getting older. I knew I didn’t want to go back to the center. Brent had this cookie business. Which brand do you want to take off how it kind of started? Sure, I can take how I took it over. Alright. Yeah. Mark.

Brent Hoffmann 34:04
The cookie business, ironically enough, was part of a kind of an exit package from a different business that I was a part of, and never really went anywhere. We had started doing some stuff with it and then didn’t. So I was like, Sure, I’ll take it over. And as I was starting up my marketing agency at that point, I said, I’m going to use it as a Referral Engine and just see if it works. So I literally would just start making some cookies and delivering them and as like a little thank you for your business. If there’s anybody else you could know of refer as a client blah, blah. And ironically enough, or fortunately enough, you know, it led to an increase in referrals like plus 30% of more business coming just by sending them fresh baked, you know, delivered warm out of the oven cookies. And since then we’ve kind of got through it where we did go through a rebrand to where it is now the cookie exchange and Peggy has taken it over And we’re slowly. It’s nice because we’re doing like just besides organic Facebook and being featured on the news a couple different times and different newspaper articles, I think we’ve maybe boosted two posts since we’ve had the company. And it’s just grown organically. And we have a great group of clients. So anyway, that’s when I was like, I can’t do this anymore. The media agency stuffs taking off too much. Peggy decided to quit daycare, and then take over running the cookie company. So now I can I can pass it back to you.

Peggy Hoffman 35:34
Okay, oh, that was really

Ryan Freng 35:38
he just slipped off the back of the couch there.

Peggy Hoffman 35:43
And he’s not drinking. So yeah, took over the coffee business, what the end of 2018 2019 rebranded it, so it is now the cookie exchange. And I’ve just been working it and it’s great. Like, you know, I, I thoroughly enjoyed childcare because I felt like it made a difference. And at first when I started I’m like, how am I going to leave this and front a cookie companies? How does that make a difference in the world. But after doing it, I realized what’s really exciting is cookies make a huge difference, because it is a thank you and a gratitude. And people are never sad to get cookies, like totally brighten somebody’s day. You know, we have a lot of realtors and other businesses that just have what we call a cookie jar account. And so they’re constantly sending out thank yous to their clienteles or their employees. So it’s helping them as well, like it’s it’s marketing for them. And, you know, it just makes people happy. It makes cookies happy. It makes cookies heavy. The cookies.

Sorry. Thanks. I’m getting all flustered when you make me talk about things. Like it.

So it’s it’s pretty great. I’m pretty sure we might be the favorite family of all the teachers that our kids schools, because some cookies one of my

Brent Hoffmann 37:23
backflip has been sent cookies in the past they have

Ryan Freng 37:29
Yeah, oh my gosh. And you know, I get I get hot on an idea. And then I do it. And then I forget about it, because I don’t have a lot of mental capacity. So I’m just reminded like with that, that cookie, would you say cookie jar account? Or? Yeah. set us up. Because then I could just, you know, every month be like, Hey, let’s let’s do this. Because, yeah, we’ve been sent some cookies, we’ve sent out a bunch of cookies. And you mentioned the teachers. I was like, Oh my gosh, we should totally send you know, and now like I could send them I could send them.

Peggy Hoffman 38:05
Here’s my other little tidbit may or may not be appropriate to say but having a background working in childcare. I always tell people when they’re looking for childcare, even if it’s a really difficult child, the teacher may not it may not be your favorite child as a teacher. If the parents are awesome and appreciative. You love that kid. You know, where like, it works, you know, as long as it makes a big difference. Like, if honored. Do you feel a little bit of gratitude? Like, you know, makes a big difference in the childcare?

Brent Hoffmann 38:36
Oh, yeah. Just say as our kids are pretty dumb. So we bribe our teachers with cookies, and they pass every grade. It’s a hey, yeah, it’s part of the sales pitch we have built in for the cookie exchange.

Ryan Freng 38:50
School. That that appreciation, you know, that appreciation and letting people know you appreciate them is so great. You know, Rob paradigm namesake a paradigm he always says often says, like, I appreciate you, you know, something like that, which is kind of a funny way to exit a phone call. But I always feel better after it, you know? And it’s not something I say. Because, I don’t know. It feels awkward if I say it, but I kind of want to do that to like, Hey, I appreciate you, man. Like, just to show that gratitude. And, man, what better way than with cookies? Every time. Every time we’ve sent them. I’ve always gotten like, you know, such fun messages back. Oh, thank you so much. These are amazing. You know, and it’s just it’s warm cookies. Like it seems like such a simple thing, but it’s a small, useful gesture.

Peggy Hoffman 39:50
I did have one guy messaged me after I delivered cookies to him and he asked if I was a witch, because he was really confused how I could get the cookies. They’re still so fresh. some warm Yes, I have witchcraft. So I’ve declared myself the cookie, which

Ryan Freng 40:05
I love that there’s a there’s a whole marketing angle there as well, I think that you could lean into. Absolutely See,

Brent Hoffmann 40:12
I want to bring up just what you said about the saint appreciation stuff when you get a phone call, right? We have a good friend and I used to work with him a ton in the music industry days of old and we’ve stayed friends forever his name’s Gary Davis or Gary knowledge. She’s everybody knows him. And he had a health scare and whatnot. But he’s actually got a line of quality now now and he’s really working out and reaching to people like, you know, show your roses share your roses right now your appreciation for people right now. Don’t wait until they’re sick or until they die. And you only share them their eulogy, you know, so it’s a good message and you know what guys need to get better saying I love you to other guys cuz yeah, it’s okay. You can love another and it’s you know nothing to

Peggy Hoffman 41:00
garish. tagline is appreciate the living APL so it’s pretty cool.

Ryan Freng 41:07
Ya know, I love that and certainly generations of mail example. You know, like, I feel like as a college kid, it was when the first time I was like, talking to my dad, and I was like, I love you. And he’s like, I love you. And then now we say that like it’s a normal thing. But it was just never said because his generation didn’t have that relationship with his dad. But it’s obviously so important to say these things. Even if I don’t know if you guys have read The Five Love Languages. It’s such a fun. It’s, um,

Peggy Hoffman 41:45
I passed it to Brent once I’m not sure. I don’t think he read it.

Ryan Freng 41:49
Oh, well, it’s, it’s so great to like, understand how your partner or your friends receive love and how they give love. And it’s, you know, better in all your relationships, but especially with your, your partner of knowing, okay, words of affirmation are not useful to them. Or, you know, like, I don’t even know what mine are. I feel like you’d they change as well. But figuring that out, but I feel like cookies are everyone’s love language. So it’s always a good thing. I what I was gonna say, Yeah, I was gonna say earlier to I feel like, I’m gonna, maybe I can throw this back up. But I feel like the online ordering coming soon has been up there for a little while. And I know, you guys would probably explode because, like, you know, millennials and Gen Z, like, don’t want to talk to somebody on the phone. Even thinking about this cookie exchange thing. I’m like, that’ll simplify things. Because then I could just send you a message and be like, Okay, here’s the next person. Here’s the next person. Here’s the next, you know,

Peggy Hoffman 42:56
what we do with most cookie jar accounts is we just, you just shoot us an email and say, Hey, we need these out here, you know,

Brent Hoffmann 43:04
but thanks for bringing up that about the website. Right? And even as you brought up on screen, I was like, Oh, that’s right. That’s the other thing I need to do this weekend is the redesign of the website that I’ve been talking about for a long time. Get that

Ryan Freng 43:16

Peggy Hoffman 43:20
A good marketing person to you. I know. I

Ryan Freng 43:22
know. If only we know knew somebody who

Brent Hoffmann 43:24
could do that. I am on the lookout. There’s this wall that I sit on. And it seems like they do a lot of that stuff. But yeah,

Ryan Freng 43:31
there’s there’s little excuse. I think

Peggy Hoffman 43:34
maybe I should reach out to that Rob pero. guy, he makes

Brent Hoffmann 43:38
sure to see if he’s got some capabilities

Ryan Freng 43:39
to do it some space. That would be the best if if Rob comes into the office, and he’s like, Brent, I’ve got a job for you. Call me will not stop calling me.

Brent Hoffmann 43:55
We’d be nice. No, it was one of the things though. It’s funny. What is the thing the cobblers kids never had shoes or whatever? Yeah.

Ryan Freng 44:03
Yeah, the cobbler has the worst shoes or whatever it is. Yeah, we’d like to make that joke too. Because one of my partners is John Shoemaker. Right. So shoe maker. But even our own, like our websites, probably five years old. And it’s the toughest thing, like we have it and it’s like a priority. But it’s like, Okay, now we have more clients, we gotta serve, serve those clients, like, how do you? I mean, you kind of get to a point where you’re like, Well, I can’t do that for that client, necessarily, or I can’t take on these smaller clients. But it’s still always hard because somebody comes to you and they’re like, I need help. And you’re like, okay, and then your own stuff suffers.

Brent Hoffmann 44:38
Yeah, it does. And, you know, thankfully, people see the quality of the work you do for you know, they’re not judging you, per se on your own website. And ordering is certainly not an issue on the cookie exchange site. But you’re right, the actual online ordering part has been probably remained coming soon for a while because as you said, The business right now I loosely refer to it as kind of a lifestyle business, in that we obviously want to see continual growth. But at the same token, we want to manage that growth, you know, a lot of the principles that we follow have been perfected by pizza companies, right, and how they prepare their food, when they bake it, and then how they can get it somewhere still warm. So a lot of that systems already in place, but what we don’t have in place that they do is the absolute scalability and employees that they can have and doing deliveries. With it being a delivery business, it’s tough. Because you could say, hey, every half an hour, we could provide a delivery, but what may be to Milwaukee, and one may be to, you know, out past Verona somewhere, and you can’t you can’t just have somebody pick a time online for it to be there. It has to be kind of talked about. Isn’t it? So their home, that kind of stuff? So

Ryan Freng 46:03
yeah, well, that I mean, that’s a good point, too. Because like, I also like, I want to trade you guys like some kind of RAD Dollar Shave Club video for like a cookie account. And then we just, you know, use our cookie account with our clients throughout, whatever, and you can put your marketing in there. So it’d be a great win, win and win. But you point out a good, you know, problem, right? Like, when people were like, how’s business? Like, busy, you know, but that’s it’s difficult, and especially if you get, you know, call it a 30% bump in business all of a sudden, like that’s, that’s drastic, with just a couple of people operating.

Peggy Hoffman 46:44
So I have the huge I brought, how would you say this? I’m, I’m the more cautious one in the relationship. And you’re like, oh, yeah, that’s correct. Yeah, we’ll figure it out later. And I’m the one. Yeah, but we’ve got a family to manage and kids to manage. And I’m also working with a nonprofit and like, there’s a lot of moving parts and French. What I love about you, and what I hate about you is let’s do it. We’ll figure it out later type. Yeah. So yeah, I mean, it is a big challenge. I mean, maybe let’s just talk about It’s one o’clock on a Friday, and I’m camping right now, because I Yeah, the deliveries were all done earlier this week. And there were none, quite today. So things like that as well.

Ryan Freng 47:33
Yeah, yeah. I mean, that’s, it’s interesting. Like, I feel like I’m definitely like, okay, let’s say yes. And then we’ll figure it out along the way. But that creates a lot of stresses. Yes, I feel like that’s, it’s been my entire life. And, you know, I love dealing with that. But that provides a lot of anxiety to most people. And it’s, it’s actually kind of unique, because I think my wife is similar. She’s got maybe half half of that, as well, in that, you know, we got engaged right out of college, how old she was, like, 21, you were like, Hey, we think this is what we want. We, you know, we strongly feel like, this is what we want, let’s just do it. Okay. And like, hey, what do you how do you feel about kids? I don’t know, I want a bunch of kids, you want a bunch of kids? Let’s have start having a bunch of kids. Let’s see where it goes. You know, certainly we plan some stuff. But for us, we don’t, we don’t wait too long on the discernment. You know, we’d like to step through the door. And if we need to step back through that door, you know, in a little bit, that’s kind of what we do. But it gets back to that idea of like, yeah, okay, if, if we were to do like a fun little commercial, and your your volume goes up 30% Or, you know, 10% or 20%, that probably is a big difference. And especially, like you said, as a lifestyle, like, I can do this, and then you wrapped up early on Friday. So you’re able to go up a little bit earlier. If you know, you have one more order every day or something like that, it pushes it later. You know, how do you staff up like, or if what I would hope would happen is like you quadruple the business or, you know, 5x or 10x with some kind of ridiculous ad. At least for that that initial hour talking to that ad. But But it’s hard, like because if you get you know, if you’re getting several orders a day, or you know, several orders a week, and then all sudden it’s 10 in a day or 10 a week or whatever it is like oh, crap, like, you got to staff up in an instant. So it’s something where you and you would kind of have to definitely plan like, Okay, we’re gonna do this. And if something hits and it goes crazy, here’s how I handle that because like, you guys, don’t want to just you know how Have the next three weeks of your life being like, okay, can’t work paradigm can’t can’t work at the nonprofit or help out the nonprofit, got to have Netflix, watch the kids. You know, like, that’s certainly something we do as business entrepreneurs occasionally. But if you can plan that a little bit more, you could probably alleviate some of that stress.

Brent Hoffmann 50:20
As well, as Peggy was saying before, too, we have an awesome just family system around us grew. So whether that is them, taking the kids or one of our parents stepping in and helping out with deliveries. You know, we have a great support system. And I think me see my mom is my dad is retired, but still works like 40 hours a week, my mom is nearing retirement, but I’m sure she’s gonna fight like that. You just you don’t really retire, right? You don’t take too much of a break anymore. And thankfully they are they love us and love what we’re doing and want to help out. So Mom and Dad, if you’re watching, I love you, you guys are the best.

Ryan Freng 51:05
Thank you so much. Well, and the reality is that, you know them helping you out now means you’re gonna help them out later. Not not a visa vie, but like, you love them, they love you. They’re helping you out now you’ll help them out when they need help.

Peggy Hoffman 51:21
Exactly. And we we talked a lot, you know, with our kids, whether it be grandparents as well, you know, we’re like, like I said, we’re blessed to have both records very involved. But we talk about our four as a unit, and we’re Team Brent likes to call it, SEAL Team Six, but he’s not overly happy about that group. We’re a team, like we always talk about, like, Hey, kids, we gotta get this done. We’re a team. We’re working together, you know, even this morning, it was like, Why do I have to unload all the dishwasher Mike because Carter’s doing this, and we’re a team it has to get done. So extend on your hand and family,

Ryan Freng 52:04
you’re also because you’re like, you don’t make enough 1000s of dollars to get a say, in who does what around here.

Brent Hoffmann 52:14
Once you start pulling your weight a little more kid. Yeah,

Ryan Freng 52:17
that’s I mean, that’s the thing too, like, you know, any any number of children is difficult, I feel like one is probably like, the most difficult because it’s such a radical shift. And then to you’re still, you’re still in zone. And then three is the second radical shift. Beyond one in three, like, it’s kind of a numbers game. And you know, like, you have a 10 year old and a 12 year old, who could do a lot of work like Monica and I, Monica is my wife in case that was unclear. Monica and I haven’t done dishes, you know, been the primary dishes washer, and, I don’t know, six years, like our kids have done it since they were six. Now, even if it wasn’t super great, you know, that was that was just part of how we kind of designed our family or operate our family such that we can be sane. And now it’s great, because we’ve got four kids doing the dishes every night, you know, I have a chart, they do different tasks. Same thing with the lawn now like the kids can mow the kids do bathrooms, Monica never really cleaned bathrooms that was just never like, my my mom’s anal about cleaning. So I was kind of anal about cleaning. So that’s cleaning has always kind of been my realm even though it takes me two hours, what would take Monica about 20 minutes. But the kids do that, you know, we work together, we just figured out how to do together. And Monica and I have decided that all these endeavors that we’re a part of are good. And so we work together and and the kids obviously have to go along with it. But I think that’s how you can still live your life and not be like, Oh, I can’t do anything because I have to give the kid food and then we’re going to read books for three hours and then put them to bed and then I’m going to go to bed. Plus your

Brent Hoffmann 54:13
ability to write not only is it helps the family but your Yeah, hopefully you’re teaching the kids like hey, we all have something to do around here. And this is your chunk of it. And that’s how we as a whole and hopefully they have a lesson they learned from that we there’s a lot of other families, you know, you see it’s like wow, like, kids don’t know they don’t do anything, you know, and it’s like, anyway, it’s just a it’s a parenting style. That sounds like we’ve kind of adopted the same you know, kids need responsibilities as well as much as it is helping us so we can continue to do other things. It’s also perfect for them and just learning that they you can just set your dish in the sink and it’ll be taken care of matters quickly, you know,

Peggy Hoffman 55:02
kind of going back to I feel like one of the best things that ever came up from me starting to work out was this spreads gotten much better now, but Brent used to be a huge night owl. So he wouldn’t even get up until later in the morning. And I’ve always been an early bird. So I get up at 430 in the morning, and Brian gets up. Used to get up at maybe nine. We’re talking back in the day.

Ryan Freng 55:29
Yeah. Oh, yeah, you’re you’re you’re five hours into your day, you’re four and a half hours into your day already when he wakes up. And then he’s confused why

Peggy Hoffman 55:37
I’m going to bed by nine, let me know. And I mean, Carter was maybe to push into and Daniel was obviously two years older than him. And I would get up to go for a run and I would just fill two sippy cups with juice and set them on the kitchen table. And like open up a NutriGrain bar and because they couldn’t even open the containers, and set them on the table, I turned Disney Jr on and as I was held, go for a ride, come home is both kids just sitting on the couch. You know, totally capable. And then it kind of progressed as they got older. Like they knew if I had clothes laid out that they needed to get dressed for church. As I got older, I would set out like Pour cups of milk into Copson. So they could pour it into their cereal and that flowed into the from the jug. I’ve gone for like a 20 mile ride, I’d come home and then I got Why is it so exciting, the sleep timer on the TV, so they weren’t watching TV the whole time. But they just became very self sufficient. Obviously, if they ever need anything they could try to wake Daddy up. But it was probably one of the best things that came out of me taking up running at that time was our kids and their, you know, when we started leaving them home alone, they were totally comfortable with it, too.

Ryan Freng 57:02
Yeah, yeah, that’s a great thing to to realize, you know, kind of, if one is a night owl one’s kind of a morning person who can take those responsibilities with the kids because like, my wife is a night owl. She’s not a morning person. And it’s funny, you know, you say like sleeping until nine. And I’m like, Yeah, my wife would do that. If she didn’t have to go to work. Or if I didn’t have to leave, take the kids into school at like 750 or whatnot. And it works. You know, it works out great in that regard. Where I get up, and I help them get around. And then essentially when we’re leaving, I’m like, Alright, two littles are up, like go jump on mom and tell she gets you know, we kind of work that out. And also as you get older, it changes as well, like, I wake up about five or 515. So I try to go to bed about 930. And you know that that push it gets pushed a little bit and my my wife Monica used to go to bed at like 1am or 2am I used to go to bed that late too. And now you just shift those waking working hours earlier. And honestly, like, I love the five o’clock to nine o’clock time, because I’m not getting emails, I’m not getting texts. Nobody needs help. It’s kind of that, you know, you have an opportunity for me time or like, Brent, it’s the later time you know, for my wife, it’s 10 o’clock to two o’clock. That that’s like that. And that’s it’s such a special time. Because we need that we need that to recharge

Brent Hoffmann 58:37
100% I’m gonna throw some kudos back to Peggy here. And that. I think I’m a pretty good parents. But she’s she I’m only a pretty good parent because she is kick ass parents. So she’s Yeah, and I did 10% of the work which quite frankly I think is still too much but it works for us. So she’s she’s the really good parent and I’m just the one who like shows up and I’m like Hi, how’s everybody doing? Okay.

Ryan Freng 59:14
You still live That’s great. Yeah,

Brent Hoffmann 59:21
it does take it the whole thing like opposites attract, right like she’s a morning person and I’m a night person although it’s I’m getting a little better. You know, she works. I don’t need to work on that too. But just in our work ethics and me being like, say yes, and we’ll figure it out and she’s more you know, let’s plan it out. And it’s nice because it’s we’ve been able to push each other’s comfort zones a little bit and still stay we’re both comfortable but you know, getting a little bit out of it. So it works out well.

Ryan Freng 59:52
And I’m ready brands whenever whenever you’re ready to start doing some more physical stuff, because you know I’m doing It, Brent’s doing it, your wife’s doing it, like the world is closing in around you and it doesn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be stupid like I do, you know, it’s kind of crazy. I’m kind of anal doesn’t have to be like that. But I am so ready because like, I find it fun, and energizing. You know, kind of like, again, working on a car, like I can make this car a little bit better,

Brent Hoffmann 1:00:22
right? I used to go play basketball or when I would, you know, would go work out. I used to love the way I’d feel after that. And it’s, you know, the funny thing when people are when you fall into shape like me, and you go from like, you know, fit to portly I think is the best way I can, you know, a call

Peggy Hoffman 1:00:44
Valley. Yeah, so the way you are Brent,

Brent Hoffmann 1:00:47
is you always there’s always an excuse, right? And your body hurts that much more doing it. So you’re that much less likely to do it. So I mean, like, I get it when people are like, I just can’t work out, it doesn’t work for me. Now, can you just gotta avoid some of the like, it’s gonna hurt, I know that it’s gonna hurt going into it. And I need to embrace the suck and do it

Ryan Freng 1:01:11
well, and you’re a successful person, and people who are successful, recognize what it takes to be successful. And you can use that in any area of your life. It’s

Brent Hoffmann 1:01:20
you don’t like Bailey, I don’t want to fit you. That’s one of the things when you’re successful. You don’t want to like I’m going to start doing this workout thing. And if it doesn’t work out, and I’m like, No, it just it makes you that much.

Ryan Freng 1:01:30
Well, this gets back to this gets back to what you were talking about earlier. And Peggy mentioned of like, your attitude of like, just jump in, and let’s do it. Let’s try it right, you know, so like, that seems like the overwhelming kind of aspect of successful people. We it’s not that we’re not afraid to try things, it’s that we have maybe the emotional capacity to try things and not always have it work out and not always be the best and it does suck. Like I have a fear of failure. And that stops me from doing some projects. But when I when I don’t have that, and when I just be like, Yep, I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do fitness, and some days are gonna suck. Some days. I’m not gonna want to do it some days, I’m gonna fail. It’s been amazing. And same thing with the business. And I you know, that’s what sounds like you guys have seen with the business as well.

Peggy Hoffman 1:02:20
I think we need to, we need to switch Brent needs to go into more of the Yes, I can do the whole fitness thing. And I need to move into Yes, I can do the business. Like, we need to find that happy medium.

Ryan Freng 1:02:31
Oh, can we can we like create a challenge like here? Like, like, like, like a year challenge. Maybe we got to be there in a year. And maybe we can have Peggy Hoffman? Part two, maybe this would be like part four, because I want to because you guys are so much fun. But in a year, like, you know, Brent’s regularly doing something kind of towards his goals in health. And the business can be doing some of those more scary things as well. Yeah, and it doesn’t have to be anything super specific right now. But

Peggy Hoffman 1:03:07
you have any idea how competitive we are? The two of us. Could be bad.

Ryan Freng 1:03:13
Yeah, I feel like I could imagine that. So really good or really bad.

Peggy Hoffman 1:03:18
Nobody wins and loss. We’re still married in a year

Ryan Freng 1:03:21
from now. Yeah. And you So okay, so so let’s think of the challenge. You can absolutely quit the challenge. If your marriage is at stake that way out? Yeah, that’s the only way out. But in the adjudicator has to, you know, like me or rob or, you know, maybe a panel of your peers has to adjudicate it, but that that would be awesome. Because Brent, you can, you know, kind of get the growth and expansion that you’re interested in. You would also get the fitness going. But then, Peggy, I mean, obviously like the business being successful is a good thing. And, you know, maybe it I don’t know how long it takes to train for some of these. I met a runner, I don’t know how running works, but the other things exactly like even like a walking triathlon or you know, whatever it is, like, if that’s a year down the road or two years or I tell you what, Brent if you do like a triathlon or something, I will do it with you.

Brent Hoffmann 1:04:28
I’ve never done go that far. But here’s so here’s the only thing I’ll throw out or a fire. I don’t care. I’ll do it with you that that I can definitely work towards here’s here’s my only caveat. I need to make sure I do it in a nice pace. Meaning the last time I decided to just jump in and give everything to my house, it was like six months later and I was having another back surgery. So I just need to make sure I go at a pace until my core gets tightened up and I can avoid Another back surgery that’s gonna be you know, balls to the wall. I like it.

Ryan Freng 1:05:05
I tell you what we can do like a walking 5k or 10k or whatever those are like, again, running. So

Peggy Hoffman 1:05:16
start running. I don’t know that you would enjoy running Brent but maybe some strength, strength training and cardio. We’ll get

Ryan Freng 1:05:26
that question for you. Yeah, baby. What’s up? Why? Why?

Brent Hoffmann 1:05:30
So if I pushed you in the water, right? What are your options?

Ryan Freng 1:05:37
If you push me in the water, like, pull you quickly in

Brent Hoffmann 1:05:44
your base always like swimming, swimming and like, my whole thing is you mean not drowning? I mean, your only option? Yeah. So is it really swimming? Or is it just not dying? That was always

Ryan Freng 1:05:56
in turn. I mean. Yeah, but but you’ve got hours before you have to worry about not dying. True. Also, how deep is this water? Because you just stand up. There’s a lot of technical questions.

Peggy Hoffman 1:06:11
Pretty deep back here in general.

Ryan Freng 1:06:12
Yeah, hopefully nobody just runs up to you and Chuck’s you in the water and brands like See, that’s why swimming sucks. Exactly.

Peggy Hoffman 1:06:20
I mean, I know I can swim at least like two miles are nice. years ago.

Ryan Freng 1:06:27
Yeah. Oh, we could do we could do a triathlon together. So Peggy, you run right? Yeah, you do the marathon? You run I could swim. No, no, you swim. What do you want to swim or bike?

Peggy Hoffman 1:06:43
French probably bike.

Ryan Freng 1:06:46
Bike Motor Assist bike now so i’ll Oh, there you go. And you were just maybe sharing your your hate of swimming or your dislike of swimming there so I can totally swim. I used to swim in high school. I

Peggy Hoffman 1:07:00
used to um, cuz I hate swimming.

Ryan Freng 1:07:03
Oh, yeah. I’ll totally do it. I would love I would love to do one of those challenges of like crazy open water. You know, difficult challenges. Big balls

Peggy Hoffman 1:07:11
coming up. nowadays. I think it has a one point 1.2 mile swim option.

Ryan Freng 1:07:21
Oh, wow. I like where this is going.

Brent Hoffmann 1:07:25
Yeah, this employee is working with with not only with Peggy and training but then working with firemen. Rob Robert verhelst is his name. He’s also Madison firefighter. But he did a few different triathlons where open water and not in a small lake and like you’re literally swimming through the vomit of people who are getting seasick. Be Me, you know, I’ve been through it. So yeah.

Ryan Freng 1:07:50
Yeah, I don’t know. I mean, I guess I only know one person who’s a good friend who did Ironman I know of other people. I was gonna say now to be but he definitely puked as well. So here’s the thing. You’ll know anybody who’s

Brent Hoffmann 1:08:07
done an Ironman, because they probably have a tattoo on their body, at least one sticker on their car and 48 pieces of clothing. And if anybody says the word iron, or man, they’re like, I didn’t want picking on you, but please, okay, you did the events. I love it. We don’t need to hear about it.

Ryan Freng 1:08:29
It sounds it sounds like Peggy doesn’t have the tattoo yet.

Peggy Hoffman 1:08:34
Think about it. She’s talked about I know what I’m getting. And it’s been a couple of years, but I don’t. So my first half Ironman, I had the kiddos each write their name in a marker. So when I was writing, like my sets, because usually I’ll have them write their names or a little message on the back of my bib when I’m running. So they did that. So our daughter who she was nine at the time, she wrote, Mom, you can and then Danielle and our son Bless his heart. It was seven don’t pick on a brand. Name. C A R T T E R he misspelled his own name all the way around my room. So I’m definitely not tattooing his name.

Ryan Freng 1:09:31
That’s my boy. Oh, special memory

Peggy Hoffman 1:09:36
because I only asked her to write her name but instead she wrote mom you can so I would like to get you can tattooed. I don’t need the Ironman logo but that was my that was my motto. Her for the full Ironman. You can?

Ryan Freng 1:09:51
Yeah, my friend. Oh, go ahead.

Peggy Hoffman 1:09:54
Carter does his name correctly now.

Ryan Freng 1:09:58
takes a little while. Just laughing He nailed it. Yeah. I mean, Brad had to help him. But yeah. My friend Ryan Koga, the brewmaster at carbon for it. He’s got some fun, super sentimental, super fun sentimental ones on his arm forearm. And it was funny because like, I saw him one day. And I was like, oh, like, did you write notes on your arm? And he showed me and he’s like, No, these are like, my kids drawings. Like, you know, that’s what my kids drawings on here. So I mean, their kids drawing so they look like kids drawings. So that’s why I mistook them for his own notes. But it’s like super cute, because now you know, he’s got these drawings because like, I have, basically at my desk, one stack, like I tell my kids like, hey, yeah, you can give me one picture. I can have that on my desk. Because I like that. I don’t want 30 But I want one. But that’s, you know, that’s such a super fun sweet thing to remember your your kids by and it doesn’t have to be like, I don’t know, George Georgia fonts, like, their name thing. But you’re a fan. So Right. So you could tell a dude given me a fanatical Lakshmi, and Monica lets me I’m gonna get some stuff around here. You had mentioned going to church. And I want to get like the gospel writers like they’re either the symbols of their martyrdom or kind of their common symbols and iconography. Like, I would love to get that. Just to kind of be like, that is my strength. You know, the faith is my strength. So like, I would love something like that. Maybe throw in a little bit of Hawaiian because that’s kind of hot right now. There we go. Rock. Alright, fine. Monica is like no.

Peggy Hoffman 1:11:46
Do we want to ask Brent about his tattoo. Oh, what’s your tattoos and his lack of his other tattoo? Shut up. Bring this up friend.

Ryan Freng 1:11:55
Oh, yeah. Right here.

Brent Hoffmann 1:12:00
Yeah, daughter on it and across and everything right here. I was gonna do my son over here. I got my daughter’s done within like 12 months of her birth. My son’s 10 now and I haven’t started his Yeah, so I need to kind of equal out so. Yeah, the sleeve I want to do a full thing. And she won’t let me so I’m broke my body until she says I can.

Ryan Freng 1:12:28
Well, okay, so maybe, maybe not asleep. Like maybe I wouldn’t do asleep. But I mean, it sounds like Brandon has to get that on the other side. Right. Like, what is that going to be the one kid of like, Daddy, why don’t you have my name on you? I know.

I am. By Name.

Isn’t that? Isn’t that like the the death knell, though, like? So, Ron Koga again, like his wife went on vacation with their sisters, I think is their sisters. And they were joking around about getting a tattoo. And he’s like, Yeah, I don’t care what it is. Just don’t get my name. Because that is like, the worst thing you can get. I don’t know much about tattoos. Except that was a story I heard. I do think about that. So

Peggy Hoffman 1:13:17
don’t get my name. And no offense. Mom. If you’re watching the dad, like Peggy’s not the coolest name, like do you are under the age of 90?

Ryan Freng 1:13:30
Is that is Peggy the full name or is it? It’s Peggy. Okay. Yeah, my aunt is Peggy. How she’s 62 So she’s not 90 though. She is not she’s a Peggy. I was like Are you are you peg Dylan? What? What is what is the Margaret

Peggy Hoffman 1:13:54
is actually okay, Peggy is short for Margaret. Which is weird because Brent’s mom is Margaret. So there’s Peggy Hoffman and Margaret Hoffman. But make matters worse growing up I was just gonna say I know you’re gonna say it before I brought it up.

Ryan Freng 1:14:11
You you take the power though. And you bring it by by initials

Peggy Hoffman 1:14:14
growing up. Where p IG was not close enough to piggy let’s let’s like double it often just give her initial love big.

Ryan Freng 1:14:27
Yeah. Was that ever a thing growing up that people make fun of or did you just like yeah, whatever. I’m big.

Peggy Hoffman 1:14:35
Well, now I’m the Notorious BIG fine, nice

Ryan Freng 1:14:39
move there. Yeah. Like that.

Peggy Hoffman 1:14:41
Growing up and did kind of suck. I had two other brothers who made sure to point it out as well. So I was often piggy.

Ryan Freng 1:14:49
I mean, it was probably gonna suck anyway, with older brothers, but

Peggy Hoffman 1:14:53
yeah, I mean, it could have been worse. My aunt was AFS. But that’s kind of cool. That’s kind of cool, right?

Brent Hoffmann 1:15:00
All right, stay at whenever you want. Like ask my initials. You mean

Ryan Freng 1:15:05
that’s my nickname big ass. Notorious BIG ASS aureus HSS. Yeah, I’m what is

Brent Hoffmann 1:15:18
what I could do, though. I didn’t know Monica had her own thing. What is the story

Ryan Freng 1:15:21
there? Yeah. So she makes wedding gowns and does alterations. So potentially one of the highest stress industries in the world? Yeah, because brides can sometimes be the best, but she works with no 90% 99% of the best people. So 99% of the time, it’s

Brent Hoffmann 1:15:40
99%. Lucky. There’s a lot of brides where they go

Ryan Freng 1:15:45
well, and you know, you get just five star, five star, five star and then like, one three star and it’s like, that one person who was crazy. And you’re like, Okay, well, we’ll provide the feedback and whatever, but even to the point of like, hey, we’ll, we’ll keep working on this. She’ll keep working on it and not charge you for additional work just so you’re happy. Even though you’re wrong. Better for business to forego that little bit of money for you know, a better experience for that person. But yeah, she so she, this space actually used to be her space. We converted it at the end of last year, actually, and that’s, that’s my kids. So they do a lot of projects too. And they have they’re working towards having an Etsy shop, which is pretty

Peggy Hoffman 1:16:38
drab. Danielle off over there.

Brent Hoffmann 1:16:42
Yeah, Danielle.

Peggy Hoffman 1:16:45
I got her own sewing machine, but she took over everything.

Ryan Freng 1:16:50
That’s awesome. And what does she sell?

Peggy Hoffman 1:16:54
The most random things. fidgets she makes like she puts beads in little things. She makes napkins mass. Apparently school hat or make bags thing virtual school. She had to make a bag set, you know. And all the bags I made for bags. I’m like, okay, guy, man. That

Ryan Freng 1:17:17
porno. Yeah,

Brent Hoffmann 1:17:19
make the actual cornhole things though. And she’s like, No, Dad. We’re just gonna do it on a cardboard. I was like, Okay, I’m

Peggy Hoffman 1:17:27
pretty cool.

Brent Hoffmann 1:17:28
Which is really big. Making it on a real wood. It’s

easy to do. There’s a lot of duct tape on that thing. Yeah, and the cardboard probably wouldn’t hold together. Yet. Well, there’s enough duct tape. Small. Oh, yeah.

Peggy Hoffman 1:17:43
Pretty big. Yeah,

Ryan Freng 1:17:45
they’re probably

Brent Hoffmann 1:17:46
80% of normal size.

Ryan Freng 1:17:49
You gotta you gotta share some photos. That’d be fun to see. Oh, yeah, our kids mostly do like headbands and hair stuff. Nice. Oh, yeah. Because that was like, scrunchies. Yeah. And like, just random people would see him and like, Where’d you get that? And like, we made them? Can we have one? Like, yeah, well, thank you. So um, so that’s kind of how their business is default to 99. Yeah, I know. It’s bespoke. So this used to be my wife’s area. It’s about 200 square feet. But she has a studio downtown as well. off a few street few and nice wash. So it was just easy, easier for her not to transport all the stuff. So she just leaves it there and like, one or two nights a week, she’ll go there and work. A nanny. It’s called Mani rose bespoke. So I made fun of that word bespoke Mani rose bespoke gowns, but Mani rose.com and it is alterations, she does complete rebuilds of things like somebody will bring grandma’s dress, and the style of the bodice is terrible because it’s like 60 years old or whatever. Right? So she’ll take that and rebuild the bodice and do a more modern style with the same fabric and same pieces.

Brent Hoffmann 1:19:06
Can she do anything with my bodice?

Ryan Freng 1:19:08
My bodice is out of whack do you bring you bring your grandpa’s Nike shirt. He can make that Princess weave Nike shirt of your dream. I like it.

Brent Hoffmann 1:19:23
That’s been a problem with me though. For height wise. Like can she add like three inches to all my shirts? Ever? Yeah,

Ryan Freng 1:19:29
it’s like the opposite of a What’s that called? A down at the bottom that a cuff? A ham? A ham? Yeah. That’s the opposite of one of those. So she does that this was her space but

Peggy Hoffman 1:19:41
then let him out. Yeah, like it.

Brent Hoffmann 1:19:43
I mean, my belly does not help make things longer. But I’ve just always had a long torso and being serious guitar guy. I have shirts that like I’m like yeah, great. I would raise my arm but I don’t really feel like showing everybody

Ryan Freng 1:19:58
just gotta go to the big show.

Brent Hoffmann 1:20:00
which is, why is it that it’s okay to ask a tall guy to reach a counter or to reach out, you know, at a grocery store and grab something off the top shelf. But somebody shirted a bend over and pick something up for you.

Ryan Freng 1:20:18
It’s like, well, it was okay for me to reach up and get you something. I mean, the same kind of logic should work for you to bend over and pick. So I think I think I’ve got the answer, though, like, oh, somebody doesn’t have the capability to get something up high, unless they get a tool, right, a stool or a chair or something. Whereas you have the capability to get down low, it just might be more difficult because you’re, you know, you’re a little higher in the clouds.

Brent Hoffmann 1:20:44
It’s true, but teamwork makes the dream work. So if I do this challenge for you, you can do that challenge for me. And then we both end up, you know, ahead, you know it, I get what you’re saying in your right. Personal gripe, but it’s always that I get that same look every time I’m like, Oh, would you mind getting that and then just look at you like, What a jerk?

Peggy Hoffman 1:21:06
Was that? I thought, I thought this was always a hyper hypothetical thing. Do you really ask people that at the store?

Brent Hoffmann 1:21:13
I have once I have once. 1000 times in my brain I have actually said at once.

Peggy Hoffman 1:21:21
Sometimes when I’m the things you do when I’m not with you, surprise me.

Brent Hoffmann 1:21:26
You don’t want to know.

Ryan Freng 1:21:28
Yes. Interesting, though, right? Was

Brent Hoffmann 1:21:32
it does There’s nothing. There’s nothing better than saying something random to somebody out of the blue and just watching their face. Like it. Just somebody just said that to me. I mean, not offensive, but just something that people are not expecting you to

Peggy Hoffman 1:21:46
say. Sure. He also asked strangers if you can hold their babies sometimes. Like, who’s that guy?

Ryan Freng 1:21:53
That’s okay, though. Like just a walk up to somebody who you think might be pregnant and be like, Oh, you do? Because everyone knows. And never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. First. You don’t want to guess like because they’re like, what? I’m not pregnant. So that’s the worst. And number two people’s faces, like especially pregnant women. Like Don’t touch him. Yeah,

Peggy Hoffman 1:22:18
yeah. Yeah. So yeah, learn a lot of talk about that. Don’t ever touch a woman’s belly without consent. Carter, our son is doing human growth and development in school right now. learned all about all about consent again. Which she’s already learned from us, but

Ryan Freng 1:22:34
well in babies are kind of the thing where, you know, the parents are generally like, Oh, yes, please just hold the baby for half an hour. It’s worth it. So that’s fair game. Just don’t just don’t take them out of their hands without asking. I would never do that though.

Brent Hoffmann 1:22:51
Am I wrong in saying no. There’s something about the way a baby’s head smells. I mean, this this video, our live happy hour here is gonna go way off track. Okay.

Ryan Freng 1:23:02
You know what it is? Oh, amazing. Okay, you know what it is? And this this will get weird and that’s okay. I think it’s I think it’s the milk or the formula. It’s I think it’s more typically Milk. Milk is sweet, like the mother’s milk. You ever seen for ungodly mother’s milk? Was it Steve Steve curry? What’s his name? In Rocky Horror Picture Show? Yes. See?

Peggy Hoffman 1:23:31
That’s the same, right? Yeah, yeah, he’s

Ryan Freng 1:23:33
also like the smoke monster smog monster in FernGully. And he says a mother’s milk. It’s so gross. But I love saying that. But I think I honestly think that’s what it is. Because like, we get bad breath because of the bacteria and the food is so diverse, that it can get stinky, whereas like a baby. I’ve never met a baby except on certain formula. And I’ve met a lot of babies. Just to be clear. I’ve never met a baby that’s had like bad breath, or smelled bad up here. Because they just they eat that milk. And it’s so fatty and sweet. And just smells good. That’s what I think it is. I don’t know for sure. But I’ve definitely actually thought about this.

Peggy Hoffman 1:24:12
We have another rent. No, no.

Ryan Freng 1:24:15
No, I can smell it.

Brent Hoffmann 1:24:19
Oh, no, you make better. I’m a like one kid is a lot. Two kids is three too many. Like they were good.

Peggy Hoffman 1:24:33
I didn’t say we wanted a lot. Like I still wanted more than two. But then when we met Carter, and like Carter became mobile and then we’re like, we’re done. And I love him. He’s an amazing kid. But yeah, we were cutter made us be done.

Ryan Freng 1:24:52
That’s good. Yeah. And you you know, you adjust to you know, whatever feels right. And whatever you guys think is right. And that’s that’s what everyone should do. And, and not be afraid to do that even if you had different plans, not be afraid to change those plans.

Brent Hoffmann 1:25:06
I agree. Have we had any questions or anything coming in? I want to answer somebody’s random question about something random about us.

Ryan Freng 1:25:13
Yeah, we haven’t had questions. We just had a couple of comments like Hannah mentioned earlier, the cookies are so good that she’s ever had some of the best she’s ever had. And let’s see Sharon Felber.

Peggy Hoffman 1:25:24
She I finally got to meet Sharon for the first time. Last week, because I didn’t know who she was. Well, I knew she was brought down. But I might, where’s this lady liking all of my posts? Like, oh, well, she has friends. That’s bad. And I love her.

Ryan Freng 1:25:45
Sharon, that’s awesome. That has I have seen that name on some of like, our shared content. So that makes sense. It’s funny that I would notice that too. But yeah, just like Peggy said, it’s like you see it on Facebook, you’re like,

Peggy Hoffman 1:25:56
Yeah, it’s pretty amazing. Cheers. Yeah.

Ryan Freng 1:25:59
So I mentioned that earlier that we’re going to have to have like parts, two, three and four of this discussion over the next year. But it is insurances high, is about 126. I like to wrap it up by 130. But if you guys are okay with it, I still want to play a game with you guys. Because I think it’s really, really fun. We like to

Peggy Hoffman 1:26:20
play like this much battery but no warning yet. Okay. Yeah.

Ryan Freng 1:26:24
Perfect. All right, we like to play a little game two truths and a lie to get to know our guests a little bit better. And I’m not going to play because John’s not here. And I really just want to hear your guys’s stuff, and I didn’t prep. So you play the game, if you haven’t played before, is you tell us three short, you know things about yourself. It could be I swam in high school and only made it to state one time. That could be one. Another one could be I worked at a store that’s primarily sold cookies. like it’d be number two. And number three is I don’t eat cookies, because I’m allergic to most types of flowers. Flower. Excuse me. So those are three stories. We can get more into them. But you guys would have to pick the lie.

Brent Hoffmann 1:27:27
Ladies first. So you’re going to be the only one picking right? You’re going to be the one picking us picking us up. So I mean,

Ryan Freng 1:27:35
the people at home. So should certainly Sharon. And actually Aaron just jumped into YouTube. So we got somebody else there so they can get to you guys can stump each other. That’s that’s extra kudos. So I what we’ll do is, you know, we’ll have Brent go first because he’s played at once. Okay, give you a little a little while longer to think about it. And you guys can each guess but you’ll guess after I guess and you’ll guess after the people at home watching us. And you still have a second? You can keep thinking Brent. We’ve got a random question over here from Aaron. YouTube. Was your puppet. What’s the puppet? Good, good.

Brent Hoffmann 1:28:25
This right? Oh, he’s stuck on the tripod right now. This is guy guy. This is guy guy right here. Do you like the hat though? Does that look familiar?

Ryan Freng 1:28:32
Yeah, that’s pretty baller. I saw that. I was gonna say something about that. It’s good. Yeah, good swag.

Brent Hoffmann 1:28:37
This guy guy. He has been in some, some videos that we’ve done. It’s Amanda’s puppet that she made and who works here at paradigm as part of some stuff she did in college. And yeah, he’s made some guest appearances if you watched our Christmas video this last year you saw him murder the entire paradigm family it turned out that it was just a you know dream within a dream kind of thing but yeah, that’s what it is guy guy.

Ryan Freng 1:29:10
Yeah, it’s it’s pretty quality to it looks kind of like the standard

Brent Hoffmann 1:29:16
Yeah, it doesn’t really have any elbows right now he’s

Ryan Freng 1:29:20
kinda sure you’re gonna stiff armed and that gotta be guy guy. Part two. You guys oh my gosh, you guys got to do something fun for the move the Ryan Reynolds movie. What is it real guy? Yes, the one where he’s an NPC in a video game. But it would be fun sentient essentially or whatever like you got you got to do some work get Ryan Reynolds to help out.

Brent Hoffmann 1:29:44
That would be even better. I’m sure he’ll call I mean, I have my on speed dial but we’ve been out a little bit lately. You’re liking his wife. I don’t know. It’s really weird.

Ryan Freng 1:29:59
I like both Um, I don’t know what the. Alright, so Brent, you’re up. Are you ready? Did you come up with your three things?

Brent Hoffmann 1:30:08
Well go for it. Let me see. I was shot with a bow and arrow. I consumed marijuana with Snoop Dogg on his tour bus. I will now it’s going to be clear which ones which So apparently I was definitely ready. I once No, because that’s partially true. I think last time we played this did I end up doing three truths? Because I couldn’t think

Ryan Freng 1:30:47
of I feel like you’ve played this twice. And both times you’ve cheated.

Brent Hoffmann 1:30:52
I have I have. So now you’re gonna know which one? Well, no, because one of those.

Ryan Freng 1:30:59
Oh, dear Lord. He’s like one of those is definitely a lie. You can trust me.

Brent Hoffmann 1:31:05
I’ve owned seven vehicles in my life. Which isn’t that many anymore?

Ryan Freng 1:31:11
All right. Let’s see. So we’ve got shot with a bow and arrow, smoke weed with snoop on a bus. And you’ve had seven vehicles. I’m trying to think so please do guess at home. They’re on like a 10 second delay. So we gotta give him like 10 seconds. So that’s it home. And if you guys get, let’s see if you get both of these, right. But we’ll see how many people get them right. We’ll send you guys cookies if you’re in the Madison area. Okay. backflip in association with the cookie exchange, we’ll, we’ll send you guys some cookies. So that’s that’s your that’s your benefit your reward for being live and answering these questions. So yeah. Brent, you got number one. shot with a bow and arrow, smoke weed and Snoop. Or you’ve own seven vehicles. And Donald is jumping in here. Donald Hoffman. Oh.

Brent Hoffmann 1:32:18
Oh. Sorry.

Peggy Hoffman 1:32:24
you forgotten your audience.

Ryan Freng 1:32:26
Oh, boy. And then and then over here, we’ve got Aaron. Five vehicles, why phones the other two. So, okay, I’m gonna make my guess. You know, Brent could be really, really good. Last time, he told us all three truths. He could be a really good liar and just playing it up on that. Number seven vehicles. I feel like I’m gonna say number one, I’m going to say shot with a bow and arrow. I think I might have heard the Snoop one, didn’t you? What did you do in a past life? Didn’t you do a website for? Was that you? Who did? Uh, well,

Brent Hoffmann 1:33:09
I used to own an entertainment company. And I a little record label and I managed.

Ryan Freng 1:33:16
Okay, I’m still gonna go with number two is true. And I’m going to say number three is true. And number one is false. So who do we got? Sharon says all are true. Donald says number two and three are false. And Donald, if May I call you Don is Donald Adan? Yes. Okay. Okay. Don, the goal is that only one of these is false. Cheating. That should be the case. If Oh, man is cheating. And if you do win, we’ll give you an extra prize. We’ll send you some backflip coasters for your

Brent Hoffmann 1:33:56
dad too, by the way. So this is going to turn out really interesting.

Ryan Freng 1:34:00
Awesome. All right. So you’ve got our guesses. Now Peggy? Let’s let you guess. You probably shouldn’t.

Peggy Hoffman 1:34:09
I know. Sorry. I can’t tell if my screens messed up. I know that number one and two are true. And I did not shoot him with a bow and arrow. And I don’t know how many cars you’ve owned.

Brent Hoffmann 1:34:25
I don’t know. I literally shot that number out there. I may have actually I don’t think I’ve owned seven My brother has owned like seven I think I’m more probably in like the five to seven array. But anyway, that was my life

Peggy Hoffman 1:34:41
for the VFm Should we go get that other new car and then we can make it seven? No? Sure This will fail this.

Ryan Freng 1:34:50
Is it for Peggy? Because she deserves it. I think

Brent Hoffmann 1:34:53
everybody keeps saying that. Why? Why her van?

Peggy Hoffman 1:34:58
I didn’t say it I mean, it’s a delivery vehicle.

Ryan Freng 1:35:02
What will make it? Oh, nice. Yeah. All right make life a lot easier for this expansion that we’re going to have over the next few months. Brent, come on.

Brent Hoffmann 1:35:13
I’ll get on board with it. The business expands. We do this video and things take off.

Ryan Freng 1:35:17
New car for her for sure. Alright, everybody order cookies.

Brent Hoffmann 1:35:21
Let’s do it. Yes, no, no What I want No.

Ryan Freng 1:35:28
I want it but I don’t. Okay, so, Peggy, you’re up. I’m gonna give one to Don and I’m gonna give one to Aaron.

Peggy Hoffman 1:35:39
All right. Two Truths and a Lie. Let’s see. Now I’m drawing a blank. I am a really good water skier. I am definitely the number one Handyman in our house. And I love my husband unconditionally.

Brent Hoffmann 1:36:06
But she’s playing the three lies game all right.

Ryan Freng 1:36:12
This is good. So good water skier number one handyman love my husband unconditionally. Guess at home. And yeah, whoever wins ever, whoever guesses everyone will get something. If you’re far away, we’ll send you some coasters. But maybe our top winner will get some sweet sweet cookies.

Brent Hoffmann 1:36:31
We can do she stumped me on this one.

Ryan Freng 1:36:37
Rob says Hi, friends. Hey. You don’t get cookies. No cookies.

Peggy Hoffman 1:36:48
Rob cookies. I’m just gonna make bread deliver.

Ryan Freng 1:36:55
Make him deliver him early too.

Peggy Hoffman 1:36:57
So Rob, I will send you 12 cookies. I can’t guarantee how many will be in the box when you get them

Brent Hoffmann 1:37:07
we believe in quality control cookie exchange. So they knew

Peggy Hoffman 1:37:16
he was taking them to her mother. And I believe she was pregnant at the time. And she messaged me and she’s like, my mom only ended up getting like eat cookies by the time I got.

Ryan Freng 1:37:27
Yeah, it’s that second delivery fee that will kill you. Yeah, exactly. Yep. All right. So here we’ve got Sharon all our true. Let’s see. That’s it you guys last time Sharon. Dawn we got False. True true. So the first one. And Rob didn’t guess Rob just said boo. Thanks for

Brent Hoffmann 1:37:51
Thanks for playing Rob. Aaron. You

Ryan Freng 1:37:53
should guess as well get your guests in here. Maybe you could win some cookies. Let’s see. I I can’t remember if you’re in jail if you still live in Janesville. Do you guys deliver to Janesville? How’s that work? We can that sounds a little fun Aaron if you’re right and we like you enough we could probably get you some cookies. Okay, so number one is element on there is water skier number one handyman love my husband unconditionally. Rob doesn’t want oh

Brent Hoffmann 1:38:28
wow, this is awesome. Shots fired.

Ryan Freng 1:38:31
Oh, Aaron wasn’t listening. That’s all right. Good water sphere. This is Peggy. Good water skier. Number one Handyman in the house. Love her husband unconditionally.

That’s that’s the only one currently so far. And we’ve got Sharon all true, Don waterski are false. And that’s what we got so far. So Aaron, get your guests in there. I’m gonna guess. I feel like I do believe that you’re the number one handyman. Just just knowing you guys a little bit better that that makes sense to me. Love, love your husband unconditionally. Let’s see. Two I love I love Monica. Yeah, I love I love Monica unconditionally. I just sometimes suck at it. So yeah.

Peggy Hoffman 1:39:27
All right. My battery’s running low. So I’m going to the No, I’m good. I can stay on I’m just going to relocate to my van.

Ryan Freng 1:39:34
All right. So here we go. Aaron says skiing’s a lie. I’m also going to go with skiing is a lie. And brand.

Brent Hoffmann 1:39:43
Now, that is my guest too. Although I question number two and number three, their validity but I think number one is where she was going with the law. Yeah, yeah.

Ryan Freng 1:39:56
All right. What is it?

Peggy Hoffman 1:39:58
Number one, I mean, I picked I probably could be a fabulous water skier but I don’t water ski so I don’t know. To be

Ryan Freng 1:40:09
nice. Yeah. Number three was a given. Your wife is a very lovely lady. She would not joke about that on national podcasts like,

Brent Hoffmann 1:40:21
exactly. Oh,

Peggy Hoffman 1:40:24
crazy. Don’t get me wrong. Don’t always like them, but definitely love them. Yeah.

Brent Hoffmann 1:40:31
QUESTION too, because I think I’m equally as good handyman. handy person, but you actually do the projects. So can we bring Dan on for this? Is that you actually do them so.

Ryan Freng 1:40:50
So everyone who answered please do send backflip, your address, we will send you some fun coasters, some fun happy hour treats. And then Don and Aaron tied. So we’ll, we’ll support the business. We’ll send those out. Okay, see you guys. We’ll get you guys some cookies. So please do DMS your information. And we can get those out. And just to be clear, I’m totally we’re gonna pay for that. Well, Ryan’s gone. Honey, we own we have our own life. Or now. We want to go oh, there we go. I fell off for a second. Yeah. Okay. Are we back? Yeah,

Brent Hoffmann 1:41:39
I was just, we just got our own live happy hour. I was like days gone. And we can talk about whatever now and then you came.

Ryan Freng 1:41:47
Oh, no. Can you guys hear me? Yep,

Peggy Hoffman 1:41:50
I can hear you. Can you see me? Okay, so I’ve relocated?

Ryan Freng 1:41:53
I think we’re still live. Yeah, I can’t hear anybody else. So here’s what’s gonna happen just because technology just blew up on me.

You haven’t heard me the whole time. This is terrible. Here. I’m gonna throw up. I’m gonna throw up this. You guys plug your things real quick. And I’m just gonna double check and make sure that we still have Facebook or YouTube streaming. Just make sure we got we got stuff streaming, go. Change,

Peggy Hoffman 1:42:34
Cookie exchange. What am I so stay order cookies.

Brent Hoffmann 1:42:39
Handmade in small batches, only using premium ingredients bake just before they are delivered, they arrive warm out of the oven. Literally the greatest cookie you will ever eat, I will bet your grandma on it.

Peggy Hoffman 1:42:58
For you, that’s why you’re the marketing guy because you do this so much better than I do.

Brent Hoffmann 1:43:02
And I just do weird things. I’m going to a marketing company we do like video and web. And what’s out over there. paradigm and web design and social media and YouTube and branding and have weird puppets. So we do a little bit of everything kind of marketing wise. And we work with fun people like Sue Ryan from backflip and John and Scott and everybody else and Jeff and everybody over there. So we get to work with some cool people and do cool things and work on some serious projects and some real fun and light hearted projects. And and

Ryan Freng 1:43:42
yeah, let’s see, it looks like you stop talking every I got texts that let me know that everyone can hear you and hear me. I just can’t hear anyone, which is part of the joy of life. I’m guessing you just plug cookie exchange. Everyone go there order cookies for your loved ones, clients, friends. It’s amazing. Peggy and Brent are amazing. Thank you guys so much for coming on this. This is a blast. And let’s let’s get some lunch. Let’s do brunch. One of these weekends when you’re free. If you guys are open to that, that’d be so much fun to hang out. I think we’d have a good time. And like I said, we’ll have to do more of these because we got to like 130 and just barely started cracking. cracking. See, I

Brent Hoffmann 1:44:29
literally looked at it on my watch thinking oh,

Ryan Freng 1:44:31
how far along are you looking at your watch? You’re like It’s like Mickey Mouse thing to me. I’m just like,

Peggy Hoffman 1:44:39
I’ve only gotten four text messages from the kids. So yeah, so you know we’re doing okay,

Ryan Freng 1:44:44
the fourth episode in a year. And by the next episode, we’re gonna come up with whatever our challenge together is. So we’re gonna do something fitness wise that you know we’re gonna have a goal and we’re going to do it and business wise then There’s gonna be an expansion. We’re going to do a video. That’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait for that.

Peggy Hoffman 1:45:05
We’re going to be fun and scary, right?

Ryan Freng 1:45:08
So thank you guys for coming in. Sorry about this audio issue. This was so funny because we can

Brent Hoffmann 1:45:14
say whatever we want, and he doesn’t know what we’re saying. So it makes it great. See you

Ryan Freng 1:45:21
next week. Yes. We got the hookah health guys coming on next week. And we got from paradigm office. We’ve got a patchy Dan for it. Although I don’t know if she’s actually in your office, or if she’s remote, but that’ll be awesome to talk with her. We’re gonna have Rob pero come in. After a couple. This is Maggie saying hi. Can you say Hi, Maggie? Hi, Mary. Yeah. We’re just finishing up. We got a lot of great stuff coming on. Thanks for tuning in and watching. If you did participate in the teachers and ally, DM us your address. We’ll get you some some great stuff. Again, thank you so much for coming on. Peggy and Brent. And that’s what we got this week.

Peggy Hoffman 1:46:09
I love it. Have a nice day. Thanks so much. Bye, guys.



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