048 – Writing and Directing with Michael Graf

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Michael Graf about his Emmy award-winning writing and directing.


  • (3:11) Who is Michael Graf?
  • (15:59) The Last Indian War.
  • (20:36) What does optioning a script mean?
  • (22:10) What is the ideal optioning scenario?
  • (27:02) How has the transition to online/remote work been for Michael?
  • (37:48) What’s the biggest challenge when marketing for someone else?
  • (42:51) The interviewer becomes the interviewee.
  • (49:44) What does Michael think about his first drafts?
  • (1:06:42) What is the biggest challenge that Michael is currently facing and what is he doing to overcome it?
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Ryan Freng
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