042 – The Business of Ballet with Molly Luksik

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Molly Luksik about her experience with ballet and starting her own studio.


  • (7:48) Who is Molly?
  • (9:26) What is being a professional ballerina like?
  • (21:57) How has the transition been from professional ballerina to opening your own ballet academy?
  • (23:49) Imposter syndrome.
  • (1:00:35) Good, cheap, and fast. Pick two.
  • (1:03:41) Born a dancer?
  • (1:09:12) Creative outlets for former dancers?
  • (1:21:28) Molly’s recommendations for people starting a new business or non profit.
  • (1:25:21) Molly’s embarrassing stories.
  • (1:35:08) Two truths and a lie.