Dog City

Starting a business is always hard. Starting a business and then having COVID hit is unreal. This is the story of Tia of Dog City Hotel & Spa. It’s a story of how she persevered and kept her business afloat with the help of funding from a CDFI (community development financial institute) through WIEDC (Wisconsin Indigenous Economic Development Corporation).

The main challenge of this series was that we had to travel and film all in one day. The subject had already been vetted and their story was relayed to us.

Sweetgrass Stables

Having a dream is a start, but it’s never enough. With the spark of an idea and persistence, Michelle and her husband were able to make her dream a reality. Through the support of WIEDC and their CDFI, Sweetgrass was able to take off amidst COVID.

This was the second of two vignettes we produced on the same day. Ryan and Tyler went to Milwaukee for Dog City and John and Luke split off to handle Sweetgrass.

Having multiple crews and sets of equipment was clutch for making this split crew possible.

All of this WIEDC work is made possible through the genius of Rob Pero at Perodigm Design Studio. We’ve been blessed to have Rob as a creative partner to work on meaningful Indigenous stories in all areas.