Deacon Ralph Poyo had traveled to Wisconsin to give a talk for part of a parish mission to help parishioners prepare for the upcoming season of Lent and encourage their relationship with the Catholic faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. 



A Chance Encounter, Led by the Holy Spirit

Following the event, our Business Director, Scott who happened to be attending that evening, had the opportunity to connect with Deacon Ralph. It soon became apparent that he had a vision to transform his talk into a film tailored for bible study groups, complemented by a comprehensive study guide with cards for each section.

This fortunate encounter seemed to be a divine signal, urging him to trust in the providence of the Lord and take that leap of faith, akin to Peter’s bold step when Jesus invited him to walk on water.

Over several months, we worked to film, edit, and design what would become a four part DVD or CD set, each one containing one 90-minute presentation.



Purpose-Driven Process for Small Groups

Deacon Ralph had also been diligently crafting segments of a small group Bible study guide for some time, with the objective of creating a valuable resource for groups looking to foster growth in six clearly defined, quantifiable disciplines. Ultimately, the aim was to empower individuals to become disciples who, through their personal encounters with the Holy Spirit, could guide others on their own spiritual journeys.

We took Deacon Ralph’s words and helped translate them into two compact yet comprehensive books, one for leaders and one for members, paired with a set of cards outlining eight Profound Truths found in God’s word.

In terms of visual representation, we brainstormed several cover images that could resonate with people. Ultimately, we settled on an image symbolizing that pivotal moment of taking the initial step out of the boat onto the water. This perspective can be interpreted as your own individual journey or as a reflection of the experience of St. Peter.