047 – Building Your Best Business with Sarah Kochan

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Sarah Kochan about entrepreneurship.


  • (3:32) Who is Sarah Kochan?
  • (4:51) Sarah’s origin story.
  • (10:31) How has the switch to online learning worked for Sarah?
  • (12:43) Sarah’s second business.
  • (15:09) Does Sarah help people with more basic business coaching?
  • (16:47) How do you scale a service business?
  • (18:20) How to ensure quality service with new hires?
  • (20:48) Hiring.
  • (24:12) How can you be prepared for unexpected problems in service business?
  • (38:23) Advice on how to deal with clients who are asking for extra work?
  • (49:23) What is an area in her business that Sarah struggles with and what is her advice to overcome it?
  • (54:57) Fun facts about Sarah.