040 – Commercial Production with Tom Kermgard

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Tom Kermgard of Kingdom Filmworks about Commercial Production and getting things done while still having fun.


  • (3:47) Who is Tom Kermgard?
  • (18:26) From copywriter to Kingdom Filmworks.
  • (24:53) What are the qualities you need to make it as a producer?
  • (29:18) What was Tom’s experience like going from account services to producing?
  • (33:24) How to lead by example.
  • (37:53) Balancing tools with client service.
  • (46:42) Essential production roles on set.
  • (49:28) How involved is Tom on different parts of the production process?
  • (53:31) How has Tom balanced working from home during Covid?
  • (1:26:24) Tom’s favorite movie.
  • (1:35:05) Two truths and a lie.
  • (1:44:09) Tom’s favorite band.