039 – Studio & Live Production Behind the Scenes with Luke Kolarsky

In this Happy Hour podcast, Ryan and John chat with Luke Kolarsky about studio and live production.


  • (3:18) Who is Luke?
  • (5:56) What is it like being a jack of all trades at Backflip?
  • (12:08) The Backflip studio demo reel.
  • (14:37) Luke’s favorite studio set/project.
  • (18:01) How long did the Avid Ratings set take to build?
  • (29:38) Does Luke even know what VHS is?
  • (31:22) The value of a studio.
  • (43:22) What is Luke’s favorite power tool?
  • (47:08) Luke’s idea of a perfect date.
  • (45:54) Why you shouldn’t use hedge trimmers to cut rope.
  • (50:55) Marquette instructional videos.
  • (1:06:34) The Pinterest ladder.
  • (1:10:10) DIY giant studio curtain.
  • (1:11:57) What is the most challenging set piece Luke has worked on?
  • (1:19:56) The sewer/subway set.
  • (1:28:04) The Interrotron.
  • (1:29:07) Two truths and a lie.
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Ryan Freng
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