038 – EV Land Behind the Scenes with Charles Warner

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re going to go behind-the-scenes and talk about how we pulled EV Land together. We’re going to watch the short film and walk frame by frame to show you how we made the magic.


  • (14:45) Watching EV Land.
  • (28:58) How has EV Land been received?
  • (31:17) BTS Breakdown – Opening marquee shot.
  • (38:27) BTS Breakdown – Filming on the rooftop of the Ovation.
  • (46:44) Rehearsals and prep.
  • (50:47) The theme of electricity and energy.
  • (57:35) BTS Breakdown – Filming at the Overture Center.
  • (1:08:12) Sound design.
  • (1:10:32) Electric vehicles.
  • (1:16:15) BTS Breakdown – The La La Land scene
  • (1:35:37) Match cut to the final performance.
  • (1:42:53) Jeff and John and Ryan’s favorite parts of the film.
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Ryan Freng
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