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No matter what you call it (and ‘website’ would the correct form), we recently rolled out a new website. After three and a half years, we knew it was time to update our website. The simple black and white design served us well over the years. Take a look in case you haven’t seen it or don’t remember.

Old www.letsbackflip.com website
Our website 2007 2011

Our old site was designed by then partner Phil Hetue. The purpose, and one of the reasons we loved it, was it’s simplicity. The simple black and white design allowed us to let our videos do the talking. We had minimal text and we liked it.


Now, however, in a world of social media and interaction we knew we needed something a bit more robust. We looked around a lot out there and decided we wanted a WordPress site. WordPress provides the robustness we desired with the flexibility to still be kept simple. This is the result:

New www.letsbackflip.com website
New wwwletsbackflipcom website

Our new website gives us the ability to write video tips, talk about our projects, and better interact with anyone who comes across us. We wanted to keep the new site as simple as possible while balancing a more robust experience, so we created a custom design. We started with a few wordpress themes and combined them into our own little monster. We’ll probably continually tweak the site from here into infinity but the basic structure will likely remain as you see it.

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