New Mac Pro, Finally! Apple shows love for video producers.

New Mac Pro 2013

New Mac Pro 2013After waiting FOREVER, Apple has finally updated it’s Mac Pro line of desktop computers! The design harkens to that of a small trash can but the features do not disappoint:

  • PCI Express-based flash storage
  • Thunderbolt 2
  • Intel Xeon 5 processors, up to 12 cores
  • Four Channel DDR3 1866MHZ memory
  • Dual GPUs, AMD FirePro, up to 6GB dedicated VRAM
  • Support for 4K video in edit, and power three 4k displays!?!?!?!

It’s about time! Now we’ll have to see the price point for a decent build before we drool completely. If it’s twice as expensive as a custom PC then we’ll have to decide how much the apple design is worth!

Read more about the specs on the apple website.

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