New website! Because we love work.

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Our previous website served a purpose, may it rest in peace, but we are very happy to move on. Being a web developer I foolishly thought I would have time to develop our website WHILE running a business. It was difficult, and the thing that always suffered was the website. From the time we rolled out our previous website we had many things we wanted to do that were never accomplished. It ended up being a necessary thorn in our side, something we kept using because we had to. It wasn’t terrible by any means but was a pain to work with, and with it lacking a few specific features it was not nice to use.

Fast forward two years and we received a great gift in the form of a small Indian woman with ten years commercial production experience, Nirali Shah. An opinionated person (who is usually right), Nirali started to whip us into shape. One thing she always wanted us to do was improve our look and feel so it matched our personality & shooting style, specifically on our website. I did what any good manager would do and put it back on her to find a theme or design for our website. Like always Nirali delivered and what you see is the result of her hard work.

A big thanks to Nirali who is more valuable than she knows, and of course to all our clients because without you we’re just making movies in our basements.

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Ryan Freng
Owner and creative director. Shall we begin like David Copperfield? 'I am born...I grew up.' Wait, I’m running out of space? Ah crap, ooh, I’ve got it...