044 – Advertising with Ashley Taylor

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Ashley Taylor about her advertising experience.


  • (5:18) Who is Ashley Taylor?
  • (8:03) Ashley’s transition to AAF president.
  • (11:12) What has it been like for Ashley to be the AAF president during a pandemic?
  • (15:36) What does an account executive at NBC do?
  • (19:48) What about Ashley’s job keeps her excited?
  • (29:41) What things affected Ashley the most at the beginning of her career and how did she overcome them?
  • (35:53) How does to Ashley’s dog help and encourage?
  • (38:58) Ashley’s favorite celeb/business owner?
  • (44:10) Life lessons with Ashley.
  • (53:51) Lessons from AAF and NBC.
  • (1:01:45) How does Ashley approaching selling in a pandemic?
  • (1:21:17) Two truths and a lie.