059 – Social Media for the WI Historical Society with Sarah Noonan

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Sarah Noonan about her role as Social Media Director for the Wisconsin Historical Society.


  • (5:23) Who is Sarah Noonan?
  • (10:49) A finger in every pie.
  • (12:32) Moving to social.
  • (22:18) What does the Wisconsin Historical Society do?
  • (28:20) Does the WHS have any Native American artifacts?
  • (31:02) What is the coolest thing about WI?
  • (36:20) Sarah’s experience with working remotely.
  • (38:00) What tools does Sarah use for social media management?
  • (47:58) How active do you need to be on social media?
  • (55:37) What does Sarah do for fun?
  • (56:39) What kind of stories does Sarah like?
  • (1:13:52) Two truths and a lie.
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Ryan Freng
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