058 – Video Game Music with Megan McDuffee

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Megan McDuffee about her work in music for video games.


  • (2:31) Shootin’ the breeze.
  • (20:31) How did Megan get into music?
  • (22:31) River City Girls.
  • (27:04) Writing music for video games.
  • (31:01) Who are Megan’s musical influences?
  • (32:37) Classical and electronic influences.
  • (35:19) Does Megan get musical burnout?
  • (36:38) Megan’s other hobbies.
  • (43:17) How does Megan handle comments on her work.
  • (46:35) How does Megan structure her business?
  • (47:49) Business learning curve.
  • (51:35) From looking for work to turning down work,
  • (57:11) Megan’s career goals.
  • (1:10:40) Where does Megan see herself in 30 years?
  • (1:16:17) Learning to say no.
  • (1:31:27) Dealing with a client who doesn’t want to talk business.
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Ryan Freng
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