051 – Music and Composing with Joshua Stromer

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting music and composing with Joshua Stromer.


  • (2:36) Who is Joshua Stromer?
  • (3:27) How do you teach music during a pandemic?
  • (11:12) Josh’s kids.
  • (16:22) How did John and Ryan meet Josh?
  • (18:44) The first project.
  • (21:52) EV Land – Electricity
  • (47:29) Who choreographed the dance for Josh’s song.
  • (50:00) The chorus.
  • (50:39) Live instruments vs plugins.
  • (54:24) Scoring an entire feature length film.
  • (1:03:53) What genre of music does Josh enjoy creating the most?
  • (1:06:04) Minimalism in music.
  • (1:19:14) Two truths and a lie.
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Ryan Freng
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