046 – From Gala to Livestream with Carolyn

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting with Carolyn Averill about turning an in-person gala to a livestreamed event.


  • (4:30) Who is Carolyn?
  • (7:45) The first ever virtual St. Ambrose Gala.
  • (9:15) The inspiration for the event.
  • (13:01) What are the pros and cons of a virtual event.
  • (25:18) The mega doc.
  • (27:56) Charcuterie as an entrée?
  • (39:17) The event box.
  • (47:58) Logistics.
  • (1:13:22) Honor system.
  • (1:24:22) It’s about Jesus.
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Ryan Freng
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