031 – Art and Pixels with Cinematographer Jordan Post

In this Happy Hour podcast, Ryan and John chat with Jordan Post


  • (1:39) How has the pandemic affected Jordan?
  • (7:17) Brittney’s photography business.
  • (8:59) How do you and your wife each manage your own business?
  • (11:35) Has business picked back up since Covid hit?
  • (12:58) How did you get into the film industry?
  • (15:26) What attracted you to the film industry?
  • (18:31) When did you realize you could impact other people through film?
  • (20:08) Ryan and Jordan’s University of Milwaukee experience.
  • (29:17) Pros and cons of college.
  • (39:00) Jordan’s work.
  • (1:06:16) Two truths and a lie.
  • (1:21:22) Movie and TV show recommendations.
  • (1:26:05) Next weeks guest.
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