020 – Tinseltown & Fantasy Puppet Musicals with T.C. De Witt

In our first Happy Hour podcast, we chat with our good friend T.C. De Witt.

When COVID hit and everyone went remote we missed hanging out with all the amazing people we know. To combat this, we took our podcast and turned it into a live show. This is the very first episode of this Happy Hour from home. From back in March 2020.

T.C. is a long-time friend and collaborator of many things. We’ve hired him to act, write, and consult and we’ve made many short films together through the years.

In this episode we talk about our history growing up in the same town, meeting in high school, working at a movie theatre called Tinseltown, and making a feature-length fantasy puppet musical called The Princess Knight.

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Ryan Freng
Owner and creative director. Shall we begin like David Copperfield? 'I am born...I grew up.' Wait, I’m running out of space? Ah crap, ooh, I’ve got it...