The best spam email I’ve ever received

smileyOne Sunday evening I opened my email, hoping for something amazing. At first I was annoyed to have received another spam email but as soon as I actually opened it my annoyance turned to joy. This email was so horrendous that it actually came back around into the realm of awesome. For your viewing pleasure (comments in green):


Uhh.. Hi again…
If you are interested we want to Website Design and Development / Mobile Android & iPhone Apps Development your Website.
Wait… is that a verb? You want to ‘Website Design and Development / Mobile Androind & iPhone Apps Development’ my website?
With Latest Newly added features that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to *better sales!
Welcome to the redundancy department of redundancy. *better sales… where do we explain the caveat?
We would be happy to execute SEO, Web Design and Development Projects for you.
Please do not execute SEO
We could lower that cost and not compromise on quality!
Did you just undersell yourself before we talked about price? I trust you though because if anything this email definitely speaks of quality.
A waiting for your Positive Reply!
Finally! Someone else realizes that awaiting should actually be two words. Wait… damnit.
Kind Regards,
Thank you MONEEEEEKA for your diligent research of my company and keen observation of our needs. Here is $20,000.


Ever received anything like this? What was your favorite line?

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